söndag 14 juli 2013

Today v/s yesterday or The Yarn Monkey v/s The Fabric Dog

Deleted my old blog today. Felt like cleaning the house from beloved but dusty mess. Memories of what used to be, thank you for those. All the people I met as a fabric dog - wish you'd all be on Instagram. I wait for you there.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Your crafts are amazing. Im really stunned by them and the street crochet/knitting just makes me happy somehow.

    I didnt find another way of contacting you, but I would like to ask you anyway. I am currently studying Art, Education & Media in Uppsala and am about to make a short dokumentary, 5-6 min, about something of my own choise. Therefore I am wondering if that could be something you would be interested in participating in? It shouldnt take up to much of your time, a day maximum. It would be a joy to bring forth such a down to earth-public-handcraft.

    Lots of graditude, for making the streets happier :)

  2. Tack! Jag finns som Garnapa på Facebook - det är praktiskt att kunna mailas där. Om du har tillgång till Fb får du gärna höra av dej där. Annars kanske du kan höra av dej via Instagram, så hittar vi nån lösning.

  3. almost a year of silence here
    i still miss you and your makings and words
    as said before you are one of the reasons
    i joined the drawing challenge which still exist!
    in the meantime i follow you on instagram
    and love what i see
    the image of the tree on marz 4.... so beautiful!
    the sun is here
    have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. Patrice, my dear friend! I'm sorry I've been all quiet - I miss you and I was really happy to hear from you again! I can't find you on Instagram - where are you? I know you and the sweet Pirate met IRL and I got a beautiful card which you've made - I keep it here on the table as inspiration and as a breath of fresh air from sweet friendship far away. We should all meet somewhere - maybe somewhere close to a dance stage of the Pirate? Nadine and Ariane, they're not too far away either... Imagine the possibility..!